How does successful marketing work? What is press work, what is media work? How do I get social media into everyday life in a simple and time-saving way? What actually is MultiChannel and why do I need it? How do I do Marketing Controlling, and why don't I feel like doing it at all? But it is certainly important to look at the numbers and figures ...

I will explain the tools of marketing to you in simple steps, give you tips and advice and also show you best practices and less successful campaigns.



Blog 3 Kreativ sein - aber wie?

11th of august 2020 / Simone Uhl

Be creative - but how?

Creativity arises in everyday life, creativity arises when you allow it and get out of your habits.


Blog 2 Kreativität - dafür habe ich keine Zeit!

15th July 2020 / Simone Uhl

Creativity - I do not have time for that!

Difficult times are ahead. An uncertain time for companies and employees - is our business, our product still needed after the crisis?



Blog 1 Mediaplanung & Pressearbeit - 2 Paar Stiefel oder eins?

26th of June 2020 / Simone Uhl

Media planning and PR - where is the difference?

'What is the difference between these 2 marketing terms? It's the same. '

I get this question very often when it comes to marketing campaigns in magazines, the trade press or newspapers.

But far from it. These are 2 completely different things that I would like to explain today.